About Us

Merry Meet!

Wanderer is a place for those walking their own spiritual path.

Zern's Farmer's Market
1100 East Philadelphia Ave.
Gilbertsville, PA 19525

Visit Wanderer and discover a treasure trove of unique items, services and people.  Some might call us an Occult Shop, Metaphysical Store, New Age Emporium...and they would be right.  But, Wanderer is more than just your mass produced retail Wiccan shop. We carry Handcrafted masterpieces, energy infused second-hand oddities, home d├ęcor, used books, as well as standard supplies such as herbs, incense, Runes, candles, altar supplies, and more.  We strive to accommodate all budgets and a wide variety of faiths.

Wanderer is more than the sum of it's products.  We strive to connect people with a more natural way of life with natural products, an on-site herbalist, handmade soaps, vegan soy candles, custom tea blends, sticks, feathers, stones and more.  We also strive to connect people with a more spiritual way of life with tarot readers, magical experts and authors, paranormal investigators, Rune stones, books, knowledgeable staff, and friendly atmosphere. 

Beginners are always welcome.  We will answer your questions as best as we can and carry the tools, supplies and kits you will need to get started.  Advanced and experienced practioners, Wanderer is the place for you.  Connect with our knowledgeable staff and shop for more advanced tools and supplies.

Wanderer is a family run business and we deal in goods, services and wisdom.

Blessed Be,
Mike, Cheryl & Pam

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